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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This blog was set up so that i would be allowed to comment on other blogs without being one of those creepy "anonymous" posters. I don't plan on updating it very often, since I'd be tempted to spend waaaay too much time in the blogosphere. But every now and then, i might put something up. So feel free to check back in!



Hey Justin! KC told me to check out Mel's blog and I stumbled upon you in the comment section.
You're great and I hope you're doing well with everything and enjoying life. Tell Mel hi for me, even though we've never met.
: )
Sarah H.... TRIBE PRIDE!!!!!!

4:15 PM  


I never thought this would happen! I was looking at Mel's blog and noticed a new link. When I saw it said "the one who proved me wrong" I suspected that could only be one person...and I was right!

Welcome to this world of idiocy. I'm definitely looking forward to "Justin: The Blog." Be sure to use your powers for good and for awesome!

6:42 PM  

Oh...and my ego will keep the major metropolitan areas covered. I'll leave villages in western states to you.

6:45 PM  

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