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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Please Pray

For those who have been following the current events at Westminster Seminary: today is an important meeting of the seminary's Board. The Board will be hearing about, and working through, some tough issues in this meeting and in their May meeting. These people have a great responsibility, and we should all be praying that they'll have all the wisdom, patience, and charity that they need in these hard times.
I know it's easy to say "I'll pray," and then forget to do it, so please take a minute now or soon and pray for the seminary community and for the Board meeting.

Thank you.



Hi Justin,
Has there been announced a verdict from the board meeting yesterday?

Katelyn Beaty

9:39 AM  

This coming Tuesday, at 1030 AM during the chapel time, President Lillback, along with the Chairman and Secretary of the Board, will be present to make a report on yesterday's Board meeting, etc.

10:15 AM  

Update: the board has decided to announce its decision immediately, with Tuesday's chapel being a follow-up explanation. For the Board's letter, see my post from yesterday evening, here:

7:07 AM  

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