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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Mel and I saw The Voyage of the Dawn Treader at the Movie Tavern last night (note to self: Movie Tavern fries, yes yes! Movie Tavern "club wrap with avocado" will not make your stomach happy).
A few quick reactions:

--Casting: Eustace was wonderfully well cast. He was perfectly bratty, a real snot, complete with the self-righteous diary-keeping. I found myself identifying with Edmund & Lucy and others who were irritated by him. I'm not sure why Eddie Izzard isn't doing Reepicheep's voice anymore, but Simon Pegg made a fine replacement.

--The Dufflepuds were just as sycophantic and cowardly as they should be...but I was disappointed not to see their foot-canoeing trick.

--Lucy's "temptation" at the Magician's spell-book was very well done, though slightly changed from the book: I won't say much so as not to spoil it.

--The Dawn Treader was a beautiful ship, and had many of the details Lewis mentions in the book.

--Low points: tempo, tempo, tempo. I understand that the filmmakers had to trim a weeks-long voyage down to 2 hours, but they didn't do a good job of it. We were stampeded from one island or episode to the next, without enough sense of the days and weeks' worth of travel. It felt like a 3 day cruise. Annoying. Also, why did the quest to find the 7 Lords need to become a quest to find the 7 Swords of the 7 Lords? Lewis' version makes it a matter of honor for the young King Caspian; this version just felt like a Plot Coupon.

--Overall grade: B, but worth seeing.



I was hoping to see this one. However, I was surprised to see the White Witch in the credits, as she's not in the book. Thanks for the input. Cheers.

1:25 AM  

Thank you for your comments. I've made my thoughts more clear and hope that all of the information is now accurate. I am sorry for not being more accurate in my wording. I hope you will forgive my oversight. I realized Susan didn't write it but misread a piece of the article and thought she was publishing the science material, not the Bible work Mr. Enns is doing. While I'm not a fan of a Bible curriculum affiliated with a teacher of BioLogos, I do want to be clear that I realize Susan is not working with the science aspect, though I suspect a favorable take on the Bible material will serve as a springboard to BioLogos in time, which may be why they asked Bauer to publish it in the first place. She is well-known.
God bless you~

1:07 AM  

This is a very interesting review. I did not read the book, though, so I could not compare. Anyhow, this sequel is definitely the best yet compared to the other two before this.

12:11 PM  

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2:15 PM  

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