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Friday, March 03, 2006

Hi, Ev'rybody!

Hello, world...
I initially registered this blog so that Blogspot would allow me to comment in the blogs of my friends and family. Soon, though, i decided to take a shot at this whole blogging thing myself. I've never been much good at journaling, so this probably won't be one of those self-disclosure blogs (at least not overly so). Instead, i'd like it to be a space where i can hone my writing, share some ideas, and dialogue with friends about issues both serious and light-hearted.
I promise to try my best (given the constraints of a very busy life) to post some thought-provoking material on return, could i ask a few things from you, my invisible-but-still-dear readers?
1. Don't let me take myself too seriously. After years of God-driven effort, my ego has shrunk from the size of Mexico City to merely the size of Chicago. I'm aiming for Ekalaka-size, so if i start bloviating, feel free to deflate me without mercy.
2. While many of us (myself included) love a good argument, let's remember that it's easy for such things to get out of hand online, where you don't have a "real person" in front of you. Let the opinions flow freely, but don't get nasty or your comments will be wished into the cornfield.
3. I'm a total rookie at this blogging thing, so I'd greatly appreciate any tips on how to "dress up" the look of this site (and no, Mattias, I'm not going to paint the whole thing in Redskins colors).

That's about it. Let's get started!

"There are very few starts. Oh, some things seem to be beginnings. The curtain goes up, the first pawn moves, the first shot is fired (usually at the first pawn)--but that's not the start. The play, the game, the war is just a window on a ribbon of events that may extend back thousands of years. The point is, there's always something before. It's always a case of Now Read On..."
--Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies


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