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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thank You

Last night, while I was sitting in class, something the professor said set off a cascade of thankfulness in my mind. "You 70 people," he told us, "are the 1% of folks in your church who are privileged to be able to set aside a semester or a year or four years in order to think and read and discuss this stuff more deeply. Most people don't get the chance to do that, even if they want to."

He was right; being here, and getting to spend half my day studying what God is doing in the world, is an amazing privilege. Like so much else in my life, this time at seminary is a gift. So I just want to say Thank You to parents, friends, and church members who have made it possible for Melissa and I to attend seminary. We both feel that we've grown and have been changed for the better in our time here, and we hope to use our training faithfully and well, in Virginia and wherever else God puts us.



An amazing blessing, that thankfulness. To think that it appears suddenly, a reminder of the privilege we have to study, read, reflect...perhaps I envy the seminary part of your studies (you get to spend your days in God's word!), but I understand fully the amazing opportunity to study as only the richest could years ago.

8:17 AM  

Don't forget to use your education now, even as you continue ot earn the actual title.

8:02 PM  

Good advice, "anonymous." It's true, we can fall into the temptation of thinking that we'll "really" be using our education when we're using it to make a living, or something. The professors here try to ward off that mindset, challenging us sometimes to see the immediate applicability of what we're learning. So yeah, I'm trying, but reminders like yours are always welcome.
And hey, don't be shy. Feel free to introduce yourself. :)

9:22 PM  

And we are so much the richer because you are here...the benefits aren't all in the classroom!

8:59 PM  

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