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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shooting Pains

As Mel and I prepare to move to Virginia, we're working through the usual checklist: How to change our address, how to transfer insurance, figuring out if our cell-phone network will work in our rural destination, etc. Mundane stuff, mostly.
But by far the most amusing discoveries have been the Virginia gun laws. See, Mel's dad restores and collects firearms, and he's thinking of giving us a couple of rifles when we move. In inquiring whether we needed to register them or anything, I discovered some useful facts:
+ It's illegal to carry concealed guns, nunchuks or Ninja "throwing stars" in Virginia.
+ Unless you are a mailman.
+ Or the HarborMaster of the city of Hopewell (it's just Hopewell! Sorry, Norfolk, better luck next time).
+ It's also illegal to drive with a loaded rifle or shotgun in your vehicle, unless:
a)you are engaged in official military or police duties, Or,
b)you are "any person who reasonably believes that a loaded rifle or shotgun is necessary for his personal safety in the course of his employment or business."

Now, (b) raises some interesting questions...who exactly does this apply to? Drug dealers? Farmers with a grudge against groundhogs? Who?

And best of all, given the vocation we'll be pursuing in Virginia: it's illegal to carry a gun, bowie knife, or other dangerous weapon into a place of worship, during a worship service, "without good and sufficient reason."
Now again, what's that last clause supposed to cover? "I need a shotgun in case the sermon gets boring;" "I never liked that stained glass window, so I'm going to smash it with this katana;" "we're staging a modern setting of the Crucifixion, and the Romans are going to carry M-16s." Etc.
This is going to be an exciting place!



I believe it's ok to carry a gun if you do child care.

12:11 PM  

Wow. Suddenly, I really miss Virginia. And, being from one of those rural areas myself, I now wonder just how many of those guns I saw in the rear windows of pick-up trucks were actually loaded...

5:54 PM  

Do not ever, ever complain to your VA mailman, "What? Junk mail again?"

And no more post about you moving...I don't want to think about that!

10:49 PM  

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