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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Learning Starts Here

My good friend Armistead and some other folks have put together a wonderful organization called The Global Playground. It will build and equip schools (and playgrounds) in places that have lacked them, partnering with local authorities and NGOs to bring quality education to many, many children. Their first project is a school in Wakiso, Uganda. (And in case you were wondering, this is no fly-by-night bunch: they're organized, above-board, legally registered, and run by quality folks like Armistead and others I'd vouch for).

If you're like me, the Christmas season often overwhelms you with appeals for charitable giving, and a small group like this can fall through the cracks. So why not bookmark the page, and return to it in the cold, bleak days of February, when you can give it the consideration it deserves?

From their Mission Statement:
Global Playground's mission is to raise awareness and share resources with people of the developing world to create educational opportunities where they do not exist.

Merry Christmas to all!


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