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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the black screen of death

My laptop has died. Or at least has entered a very deep coma with no hopeful prognosis. This sort of thing does not help my already-shaky relationship to computers. It's mostly me, i think...i don't actually know computers well, beyond surface applications, and I expect things out of them that they just can't give. Perfect consistency over years of service, for one.
The laptop's death has been, of course, hugely inconvenient (especially since I'm on a proofreading deadline for work...proofreading a grammar book, in case you were wondering, really is as thrilling as it sounds). But it's been a shock to realize how much time i was spending (wasting?) on the computer, mostly on the internet. I find myself doing more reading now, and am (somewhat) more attentive to what needs doing around the house. I'll have to get another computer, eventually, but i hope i can learn something from this enforced internet-fasting.

And Mel will be happy again because i'll stop stealing her laptop to check email.



Justin, hey, I'm Jonathan Matias. Today I was talking with Mark from He wondered if I knew a "Justin Moore from Charles City," because he'd heard you mention someone with the last name "Matias." So after talking with Mark, I googled you, curious to see if we've ever met. Perhaps you know a different person with the last name Matias. Anyway, I'm a church planter found on the web here I'll keep your church in mind, for I know several of people in the Charles City area...

Grace and Peace,
Jonathan Matias

12:21 PM  

Hi Jonathan, sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment. Good for Mark for remembering, but he's thinking of my friend whose first name is Mattias. Close, though.
Thanks for the link to your church plant; I enjoyed reading about it. May God bless your work in Alexandria!

9:14 AM  

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