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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Why My Wife & I Paid $12 For a Night With Two Gay Men

This is more than just cross-promotion of my wife's blog...she has written an excellent "apology" (not in the "i'm sorry" sense, but in the older sense of "defense") for why she and I watched the well-crafted Brokeback Mountain. As a bonus, she includes the unsettling question: why did Christians who freaked out about that movie happily go to see heterosexual romances with the exact same message?
Read her insightful post here.



Thanks for directing us there, Justin.

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Enough with the wonkery already!

7:49 PM  

Thanks, Mark! I'll see if I can fix that.

7:57 PM  

Hey, it worked...i'm feeling wonkish already.

8:01 PM  

Justin: Welcome to the blogging world!

I certainly understand your wife's thoughts on the matter. And I should probably comment on her blog about this. But I didn't know your wife had such a cool blog (Jerk!!!), so we'll have to be here.

As a moral theologian, I have to raise the question if you're seeing Brokeback Mountain (or any other moth with a similar message) isn't in some sense a co-operation with evil. After all BM is exactly about a misconstrued and even perverse image of love, the latter which is not part of say the Spiderman II story. Movies make their money off ticket revenue and generally when a movie becomes popular there is a "snowball effect" of more people seeing it. In some sense you're contributing to movies such as BM being perceived as popular and welcomed in our culture. Why not just wait to rent it?

Incidentally when I was in Chile, they were announcing the release of BM in Chilean theaters. The TV announcer said "El Martes viene Brokeback Mountain a los teatros de Chile. Brokeback is "El Gay Cowboy Movie" de los Estados Unidos." No Joke! Funniest thing I've ever heard!

11:38 PM  

Good point...Mel and I actually discussed this before seeing the movie, and decided it was worth it. We wanted to see it not only for its artistic beauty, but also (as Mel pointed out in her blog) in order to know what we were criticizing when we spoke against it. Just as I read the Da Vinci Code, which i don't agree with.
Or this: When "Kingdom of Heaven" came out last year, you and i went to see it (you graciously bought my ticket, as i recall--thanks!). That movie certainly had an aggressively anti-Christian slant, and a blatant agenda: its vision of "the kingdom of heaven" is one where all religions live in peace and tolerance because they all know that they're equally untrue.
Pretty heinous, really...yet we watched it, enjoyed some scenes, and rolled our eyes at the villainous Catholics...all without supporting its agenda in any way.
I could go on and on with examples. Yes, we should certainly be careful of how we spend our $ and who we give our approval to. But ALL branches of the media are entangled with sin, and if we are going to confront it--much less start a dialogue with our non-Christian friends and neighbors--we will sometimes be supporting people whose agendas are warped.
Lord have mercy on us all.

1:41 PM  

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