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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

From Florida to Guatemala

Hi everyone,
Thanks for all of your well-wishes and congratulations on the end of seminary. And yes, graduation photos really are coming soon!
I've added a new link to my list of blogs. My sister Jessica and her husband Steve have, for the past couple of years, been working through the process of becoming full-time missionaries. Their church in Florida has a sister church in Antigua, Guatemala, that needs help establishing and running a bilingual Christian bookstore, and Jessica and Steve will be tackling this exciting job. Right now they are preparing and fund-raising, and they'll be posting updates on their new blog, the Otto Family Adventure. Drop them a line, see pictures of their three cute kids, or read their updates to hear more about what our omni-lingual God is doing in another part of the world.
Love ya, sis!


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