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Friday, September 01, 2006

Denise and the Basilea

I'm adding another name to my blogs list, over on the left: Denise is a fellow Westminster student, but her current and former occupations also include Security Guard, Lifeguard, Barista, and Jeon-do-sah-nihm (sort of like an assistant pastor) for children's ministries at a Korean church. In five years you might find her in the remote hinterlands of the world, doing the preliminary research that will allow Bible translators to create Bibles for people who've never had the Scriptures in their own language before. Or maybe not. But wherever she ends up, it's fun to keep up with her adventures and to get her unique and incisive perspective on WTS, theology, and life.
Oh, and basilea is a great blog title. It's a new-testament Greek word meaning "kingdom," and using it as her blog title hints at Denise's excitement about seeing the kingdom of heaven, God's healing reign, spread throughout the world. (See, i knew that all those hours of flipping through Greek vocabulary cards would pay off for me!)
(and for you nitpickers: yes, she knows that it's not really spelled basilea, but it's close enough, and transliteration is a tricky business anyway).

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