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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

From Florida to Guatemala

Hi everyone,
Thanks for all of your well-wishes and congratulations on the end of seminary. And yes, graduation photos really are coming soon!
I've added a new link to my list of blogs. My sister Jessica and her husband Steve have, for the past couple of years, been working through the process of becoming full-time missionaries. Their church in Florida has a sister church in Antigua, Guatemala, that needs help establishing and running a bilingual Christian bookstore, and Jessica and Steve will be tackling this exciting job. Right now they are preparing and fund-raising, and they'll be posting updates on their new blog, the Otto Family Adventure. Drop them a line, see pictures of their three cute kids, or read their updates to hear more about what our omni-lingual God is doing in another part of the world.
Love ya, sis!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finish line crossed!

Update: I finished my fourth and last exam at 4:00 this afternoon. Thanks to everybody who's offered prayer, encouragement, procrastination, and pep talks over these last two weeks.
There is much more to blog about, but i'm way too tired right now.

Schedule for tomorrow:
1. Sleep in! Maybe until 8:30!
2. Get an oil change
3. Clean up the papers, study sheets, and other debris of exam-week.
4. Wait for the DHL delivery guy (who has TWICE failed to show up at the promised time)
5. Start on my non-exam reading (first up: Susanna Clarke's novel of spies and rival wizards in an 1808 England-that-never-was: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell)
6. Start work on a coloring book that I'm helping to put together (yeah, you read that right.)

Thanks again, everybody!

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finish line in sight...

Papers handed in...Two exams completed...two more big ones to go...

I should be finished, one way or the other, by Tuesday night.

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