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Saturday, November 17, 2007

!No Mas!

What kind of school teaches torture, extortion, intimidation, and the squelching of free speech?

What kind of school trains its students how to target the poor and how to silence anyone who speaks for the poor?

What kind of school puts alumni who have become brutal dictators into its “Hall of Fame”?

What kind of school has graduates features graduates who have started wars, murdered priests, nuns, and children, overthrown democratic governments, earned fortunes through drug trafficking, and ruthlessly eliminated anyone who denounced them?

A Taliban training camp, perhaps? A North Korean covert-ops school?

No. It is the School of the Americas (recently renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation). It’s located in Columbus, Georgia; it is run by the United States government, and your tax dollars are funding it right now.

Disgusted? Me too. And no amount of name-switching or cosmetic alterations will suffice to rehabilitate this place. It needs to go.

I’ll be posting more on this next week. But for now you can read details here, and can learn more about the school's curriculum here.

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