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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is a male savior good news for women?

In Alan Bennett's play & movie The History Boys, a female teacher wearily describes history as centuries of [male-initiated] slaughter, rape, and pillage, with "women following behind with the bucket." Because I want the next centuries to be better than that, I am looking forward to reading this book by my fellow WTS alumnus Neil Williams: The Maleness of Jesus: Is it Good News for Women?

From the description: "At the center of Christianity is Jesus of Nazareth—whose maleness is used by many to justify the subordination of women and to emphasize that men, rather than women, better represent Jesus.
"This raises a number of questions that are the subject of this book. What is the significance of Jesus' maleness? Does it reveal the character of God? Is it foundational for the gospel? Is Jesus' maleness associated with an ongoing created order of male priority? Our answers will affect Christianity's task of love, justice, and reconciliation in a world that is characterized by the global marginalization, oppression, and abuse of women."

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