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Saturday, June 23, 2007

a few graduation pics

Hi all,
I'm not yet finished collecting graduation pictures for your viewing pleasure, but here are three that we did have...

1. My brother Travis and I wondering why Ph.D. dissertations have such incomprehensible titles. Note: We're in the church where graduation was held, sitting in the large coffee shop (?!) which is located between their massive, bigger-than-the-one-at-McDonald's indoor playground (!?) and their internet-access stations. Ummm...

2. Westminster alumna and dear friend Liz Hager was overcome by jealousy at my splendid regalia, and tried to steal it. But after i reminded her that she's already got an identical getup in her closet, we overcame our differences and enjoyed the ceremony.

3. Fellow graduate Joe Troutman, now beginning a pastoral internship in New Jersey, poses with his daughter, Elizabeth of the Wild Hair.



Wow! I am stunning in that picture! I mean ABSOLUTELY stunning! You must feel so blessed to be friends with such a stunningly attractive gal...Oh and you look good in that regalia too!... congrats, friend!

12:44 AM  

We (ok, I) want pictures of the new place in VA! Assuming you have electricity there...(KIDDING, though people have asked me, in seriousness, whether or not I had electricity growing up when they learn I lived on a farm in rural Virginia).

11:58 PM  

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