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Monday, August 27, 2007

That sounds about right...

Came across what claims to be an advertisement from the June 16, 1875 Milwaukee Sentinel:

Wanted--a pastor for St. James' Church. He must possess all Christian graces and a few worldly ones; must have such tact and disposition as will enable him to side with all parties in the parish on all points, giving offense to none; should possess a will of his own, but agree with all of the vestry; must be socially inclined and of dignified manners--affable to all, neither running after the wealthy nor turning his back on the poor; a man of high-low church tendencies preferred. Salary should not be so much his aim, as the desire to be a zealous laborer in God's vineyard; should be able to convince all that they are miserable sinners, without giving offense. Each sermon must be short, but complete in itself--full of old-fashioned theology in modern dress--deep but polished, and free from the eloquence peculiar to newly-graduated theologians. He should be young enough to be enthusiastic, but possess judgment of one of ripe years and experience. Only he who possesses the above qualifications need apply. To such a one will be given steady employment for a term of years.

I'm glad we're not coming to work at that church!



Makes you wonder... so what is it that this church is really looking for? Could it perhaps be... Jesus?

Welcome back to the Commonwealth, Justin. Hope you and Mel are settling in quite well. See you in October!

11:50 AM  

Shucks, that's all kinds of easy! High-low church...smells and bells and snake handling.
I'm sure you and Mel can fill those requirements. You forgot the last sentence, though: "Great taste in eyebrow piercing a must".

12:09 PM  

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