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Monday, April 03, 2006

Answers, 100% jargon-free!

Seminary education is a dangerous thing. On the one hand, it makes you a "go-to person" among your friends and family, when theological or biblical questions arise. This is a privilege, if a somewhat humbling one. BUT on the other hand, it gives you so much information that your answers to people's questions turn into lectures. This tendency is not only annoying, but also unhelpful, since most of the voluminous data you spew forth is not relevant to the questioners' actual quests.
So i'm pleased to report that some of my classmates at Westminster have launched a site designed to answer real questions about the Bible and Christianity, all in non-technical, non-jargony language...
Are there errors and inaccuracies in the text of the Bible?
What does it mean to "believe in Jesus"?
Why does the Old Testament God seem, to put it nicely, to be suffering from genocidal mood-swings? Is he the same as the New Testament God?
To read thoughtful responses to these and other questions, or to send in your own, check out The Greenhouse.



oops. I thought you were the go-to guy for all of it!

But this site is sweet--thanks for sharing.

10:59 AM  

Well, of course i'm still happy (though humbled) to be the go-to guy :)
But i'm glad you like their site; i think it's a wonderful idea, and it's helping lots of us think through what we believe & how to express it best.

3:19 PM  

You are still my go to guy for tips on dressing in flannel. No one can replace you.

12:19 AM  

Excellent, love it! »

2:53 AM  

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