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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Um, Thank You?

'Fess up, O kind person who sent us a lovely floral bouquet, via F.T.D, to congratulate us on our ordination! We want to thank you, but either you were too shy to sign your name or F.T.D. left it off of your note.
If you don't like admitting on my blog to being a flower-sender (and really, who could blame you?), then email me at justinmoore79 AT gmail DOT com.

UPDATE: Mel's brother Matt has confessed to being the flower-sender. He couldn't make it to the ordination service; he had some lame excuse about having to help sick people, 7000 miles away, and that the Army would put him in jail if he tried to leave.
Seriously, thanks, Matt!



boo. i was just about to take credit for it. ;) haha

12:45 PM  

How kind of Matt! Mom

9:40 AM  

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